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Capturing your special day through photo


Working seamlessly together, our mission is to capture unique perspectives, and to help ensure your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible. Having two wedding photographers from the same team ensures you receive the best coverage of your special day.

Full Cover

Our wedding photography packages are designed to ensure you get maximum coverage of your special day. The day often passes very quickly which is why most couples want to preserve as many memories as possible, ensuring every moment is documented to look back on for years to come.

The best of both worlds

Our unique ability to combine the power of wedding photography and videography is why many couples choose Avodah to capture their special day. Having the same team complete both results in a well thought out strategy that captures video and photo content seamlessly.

Transforming every heartfelt scene from a passing moment to an everlasting memory.

Our photography collections start at $4,800. Included in all packages is two photographers, each working in their own area of expertise to record your day from a range of perspectives.

When the pressure is on, individual photographers and videographers can at times compete and prioritise their service above the other. By using the same business to capture both, you align the priorities and get the best combined product.

With our Fusion Collections, more time is spent in planning, there is more effective communication and we all coordinate better shots, together. In addition to this, we share the same common vision and style making the end result a beautiful piece of art. Find out more about our cinema collections here.

Frames and canvases are the ideal way to turn your wedding images into exceptional pieces of artwork. If you don’t want to stress of worrying about which images to print, we can take care of that for you.

Purpose within the product: creating keepsake memories in a truly breathtaking way.

All of our albums will make your precious memories unforgettable, allowing you to reflect and share for many years to come. They capture the details of your wedding day and communicate your story in a breathtaking way. For information on how to order, click here.

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