Wedding Cinema
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Expression, motion, speech.

A beautiful blend of photography and video that tells your story in a remarkable way.

At Avodah, we absolutely love video! Not only for the beauty of motion and speech, but also for it's abilty of being able to take you right back to those special moments. We believe video is an essential part of any wedding day.
If you aren't sold already, here is a quote by Thomas Saelens; "They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words, so think of it this way: I'm shooting about 30 pictures per second, so I am telling so much more".

Why Avodah Cinema?

Remember the details

Video can capture many experiences that photography alone can't: the bride walking up the aisle and the groom's reaction. The fathers heart-warming words and the promises the bride and groom vow to each other. Videography allows you to experience the day from multiple places at once, hearing the day from your guests perspective and allowing you to see your groom's expressions.

Covered by professionals

We are a tight-knit team that will capture your day in a stealth way, while making sure it goes as smooth as possible. At Avodah, we understand how each other work and can work effectively together to provide a remarkable video and photography combination.

Sharing with the absent

Share your day in phenomenal detail with those who can't make it. Our teaser, highlight and extended films capture the raw emotion on the day and are easy to share. It's as close as it gets to being there.

The Highlight Film

Our Highlight Films are uniquely crafted to reflect your relationship and love for one-another. They artistically and cinematically tell your story through your spoken words and raw emotions. These films highlight the vows allowing you to relive the promises made and keep the memory of your wedding day alive.

The Feature Film

The ambience, emotions, expressions and spoken words. Our Feature Films cinematically display your relationship while capturing the atmosphere of your wedding day. They reflect the same love as the Highlight Film but with more context of where the wedding was held. It showcases the wedding from a guests perspective, allowing you to reminisce and remember the finer details of your special day.

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