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Individual and Team Photograph Guide

Individual and team photographs are a fantastic way to connect with your target audience. They reflect your personal and professional brand and reassure clients that there is a real person behind the service you offer.

Photographs are often used across multiple marketing channels with the most common being websites, social media and printed collateral. We aim to capture images that are suitable to be used across all these channels and more to ensure maximum usability. Getting your photograph taken can be daunting, especially when it is being used in a professional environment. To combat the nerves and ensure you are as confident as possible, we have put together a short list of tips and tricks to help you prepare.


  • Wear something that your feel comfortable in and that accurately reflects your individual style and personality
  • Avoid clothing with bold or intense patterns
  • Before choosing your outfit, have a think about where the photograph will be placed and the audience who will be looking at it, this will help you determine the most appropriate attire. For example, a real estate agent might opt for a suit compared to a builder who might want to wear something slightly more casual
  • Check that your clothing doesn’t have any pulls or loose threads
  • Avoid clothing with large brands displayed on the front


Wearing makeup is a personal choice and is completely up to the individual. If you choose to wear makeup to your photoshoot, keep in mind that you want your photograph to be instantly recognisable. Heavy makeup can overpower the image, so we often find light, natural coverage to be the most flattering for those wanting to wear makeup to their photoshoot.


Body language is often the key to appearing confident and approachable. Little things such as keeping your back straight and ensuring not to hunch your shoulders can make all the difference.

Avoid using closed body language such as crossing your arms or putting your hands in your pockets as this can make you look less approachable.

Make sure to utilise your greatest asset – your smile! Most people have a preference when it comes to smiling with or without their teeth. Either of these works well so go with whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Don’t force it though – a forced smile can come across as disingenuous. A great way to create a natural, genuine smile is to think about something or someone that makes you laugh.

Depending on the look and feel you’re after, our friendly team can help ensure your posture matches your desired outcome.

Photoshoot Location

Depending on the look and feel you want to achieve, there are numerous options when it comes to the location of your photoshoot. Generally, your location will fall into one of two categories:


This environment is ideal for clients who want to achieve a very professional look. By using a plain, non-distracting background and a well-lit room, we can achieve a very clean, corporate looking image.


This environment is ideal for clients who want to tell more of a story with their image. This involves capturing photographs of individuals or teams in their natural environment, creating a more casual feel and giving context to the photograph.

Our final tip is to be yourself! The most flattering photographs are often those that capture people in their natural, confident state, so try not to overthink it.