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"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened"

Our mission: To honour the love and bond owners share with their animals through creative imagery that they’ll treasure furrever.

In our family, photography is not a passion, a hobby or a job - it is simply a way of life. We hope you enjoy this journey with us.

As a third generation photographer, my background in photography expands a few different countries gathering 2 professional qualifications, solo exhibitions and experience in teaching.

Avedon Portraits


The story behind Avedon

In 2006 Cate returned to New Zealand after a decade of living, learning and teaching overseas. She had decided to put down her camera for a while and set her attention to adopt a dog as a companion. Through an incredible set of circumstances, she welcomed Grace (a retired greyhound) into her life...and ultimately onto the sofa! Thus began a lifelong love and deep appreciation of greyhounds.
Retired greyhounds Joe and Flynn soon arrived to join Grace and a family they became. With their old souls, youthful spirits and quirky natures it wasnt long before Cate dusted off the camera and got to work. The trio soon became the focus of Cate's love of photography.
Many greyhounds have joined the family since and sadly some are now resting under the family olive tree. However, it was one very special little blonde greyhound called Felicity that instigated Avedon Lodge and ultimately Avedon Animal Portraits – a legacy from each of the greyhounds that continues today.

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